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CSL Series UV

The Aquafine CSL Series features a compact design that incorporates a UV treatment chamber with an electrical cabinet base that contains all electrical components and instrumentation. These compact , one-piece UV models are engineered for indoor installation and controlled operating environments.

The CSL series is used in laboratory, hospital and hotel installations, as well as cosmetic, life science and microelectronic manufacturing processes. All models are CE listed.  

Additional Information

The CSL series is available in eleven standard models with disinfection flow rates ranging from 40 to 630 U.S. GPM (9.1 to 143.2 m3/hr), with TOC reduction and ozone destruction configurations available.

Features & Options

304 Stainless Steel Control Cabinet

316L Stainless Steel Treatment Chamber

Lamp Status Indicator

Running Time Meter

Sample Ports

Single-ended (SE) UV Lamps

Optional UV Intensity 4-20mA, 0-10V DC Output

Optional Lamp Out Alert (LOA)

Optional Stainless Steel Compression Nuts

Optional Sanitary Fittings

Optional Temperature Safety Control

Optional Viton® Elastomers

OptionalRa 15 Finish

OptionalHigh Pressure Modification Up To 150 psi

Optional Validated Lamps

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