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SCD Series UV

The SCD Series is a UV treatment system designed to maximize efficiency in high volume, high UV transmission applications with the flexibility to serve both indoor and outdoor locations for disinfection, TOC reduction, ozone destruction and chlorine/chloramine destruction applications.

The SCD Series utilizes less floor space and provides higher flow rates with fewer lamps. Its unique two-piece construction allows the user to choose between the compactness of an attached electrical control cabinet or the convenience of an optional remotely located cabinet.

Additional Information

The SCD series is available in four models with flow rates ranging from 475 to 950 U。S。 GPM (107。9 to 216 m3/hr)。 These models are available in standard and High Efficiency (HE) electronic configuration。 The SCD series is also available in a skid-mounted design。

Features & Options

Single-ended (SE) UV Lamps

316L Stainless Steel Treatment Chamber

304 Stainless Steel Cabinet Housing

UV Intensity Sensor

4-20 mA Output Signal

Temperature Safety Control

Lamp Out Alert Circuit

Optional Ra 15 (240 grit) Internal Finish

Optional Sanitary Inlet & Outlet Fittings

Optional Multi-Unit Skid Assembly

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